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Drift-v2 Python SDK

DriftPy is the Python SDK for Drift-v2 on Solana. It allows you to trade and fetch data from Drift using Python.


pip install driftpy

Note: requires Python >= 3.10.

Key Components

  • DriftClient / Used to interact with the protocol (deposit, withdraw, trade, lp, etc.)
  • DriftUser / Used to fetch data from the protocol and view user metrics (leverage, free collateral, etc.)
  • Used to retrieve specific on-chain accounts (State, PerpMarket, SpotMarket, etc.)
  • Used to derive on-chain addresses of the accounts (publickey of the sol-market)


from solana.keypair import Keypair
from driftpy.drift_client import DriftClient
from driftpy.drift_user import DriftUser
from driftpy.constants.numeric_constants import BASE_PRECISION, AMM_RESERVE_PRECISION

from anchorpy import Provider, Wallet
from solana.rpc.async_api import AsyncClient

# load keypair from file
KEYPATH = '../your-keypair-secret.json'
with open(KEYPATH, 'r') as f:
    secret = json.load(f)
kp = Keypair.from_secret_key(bytes(secret))

# create clearing house for mainnet
ENV = 'mainnet'
config = configs[ENV]
wallet = Wallet(kp)
connection = AsyncClient(config.default_http)
provider = Provider(connection, wallet)

drift_client = DriftClient.from_config(config, provider)
drift_user = DriftUser(drift_client)

# open a 10 SOL long position
sig = await drift_client.open_position(
    PositionDirection.LONG(), # long
    int(10 * BASE_PRECISION), # 10 in base precision
    0, # sol market index

# mint 100 LP shares on the SOL market
await drift_client.add_liquidity(

# inspect user's leverage
leverage = await drift_user.get_leverage()
print('current leverage:', leverage / 10_000)

# you can also inspect other accounts information using the (authority=) flag
bigz_acc = DriftUser(drift_client, user_public_key=PublicKey('bigZ'))
leverage = await bigz_acc.get_leverage()
print('bigZs leverage:', leverage / 10_000)

# clearing house user calls can be expensive on the rpc so we can cache them
drift_user = DriftUser(drift_client, use_cache=True)
await drift_user.set_cache()

# works without any rpc calls (uses the cached data)
upnl = await drift_user.get_unrealized_pnl(with_funding=True)
print('upnl:', upnl)